Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, while talking on the judges during a program on Monday, 23 January 2023, said, "The public cannot change the judges, nor can the judges have to face the public." But the public is watching how the judges work and how they are giving decisions. People are also forming opinions and talking about the judges' decisions."

Today everyone questions the government: Kiren Rijiju
Taking forward his point, Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said, "When I was in the opposition, there was not so much social media at that time. Very few people used to participate in television debates. Their names were also published in newspapers. The common man had no voice. Even if the common man wanted to speak, he could not speak. Where did he speak? There was no platform at all. Only the leaders used to speak. Today, everyone questions the government."

Minister Shahab further said, “The public should also ask questions. If you don't question the elected government, then whom will you question? The government is constantly attacked, but we do not back down. Let's face them. We are the chosen people. If I am working according to the law minister today. If the public wants, they will bring us into the government. Otherwise we will sit in the opposition. But once a judge has become a judge, he does not have to face elections. The public cannot even question the judges. The public does not choose the judges. She can't even change them."

The Law Minister further said, “The public is looking at the judges. People see your (judges') judgement. How you work, how you give justice, that too is being watched by the public. People see and evaluate it and also form an opinion. In the age of social media, you cannot hide anything."

Let us tell you that Rijiju had urged the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that measures should be taken to stop the criticism of judges on social media.

The video was shared on the Colosseum controversy:
If you remember, earlier Law Minister Kiren Rijiju had shared the video of former Delhi High Court Judge RS Sodhi amidst the collegium controversy and said, "The pure voice of a judge, the real beauty of Indian democracy is its success. The people rule themselves through their representatives, the elected representatives represent the interests of the people and make laws. Our judiciary is independent, but our constitution is supreme.

If we talk about the video, then in the video, the former judge was talking about hijacking the constitution by the Supreme Court.