US President Donald Trump's assistant has been expelled from the White House. The move was taken after he leaked some personal information about Trump's family. 29-year-old Madeleine Westerhout was seen talking to reporters at dinner this month, after which she was abruptly removed this Thursday. CBS News As reported by, she was boasting of her access to the trump on drinks. Madeleine had been working with Trump since the first day she became president. Kwhait House refused to comment on the New York Times wrote, quoting a source that Madeleine will no longer be seen as 'went employee' given up and stopped by the office.

According to US media, his office was in the West Wing, just in front of the President's office. He made unofficial comments to reporters during a Trump dinner at the Berkeley Heights Hotel in New Jersey in the month of August. Sources told CBS She was drinking alcohol and had revealed personal information about the President's family. He reportedly gossiped about the broadcasters who wanted access to the president. It is not known from where Trump got information about this conversation.

Many White House officials had long been suspicious of Madeleine's loyalty to Trump. A former official told CBS, "She was a spy from day one. She used her proximity to the president to get critics to work." According to two books on the 'White House', Trump's election After winning, Madeleine was saddened and was seen crying. But despite this she was allegedly found as a $ 1,45,000-paid assistant. Madeleine often found New York-based Trump Guests Ovr lobby was seen carrying Late-.
According to the New York Times, she has a personal Instagram page on which she keeps posting about her life and her travels with the President.

When senior journalist Bob Woodward complained to Trump during an interview that Trump's request for his time was not heard by key aides like Kellyanne Conway, Trump said he told her he should have approached Madeleine. Said, "Madeleine is the key to such things. That's the secret."
According to CBS, Trump often called him 'My Beauty' (my beauty).