An incident is coming to the fore from Gujarat where prayers have been forcibly stopped in 1 primary school by the people of the Muslim community. In this matter, a teacher of the school has also filed a complaint with the primary education officer. Let us tell you that the Muslims have threatened the teachers of the school to stop the daily 20-minute prayer session. This incident is being reported on January 23, which is of Kothari Primary School, Palanpur, Dhondhiawadi.

150 students belong to Muslim community:
Let us tell you that the teacher has told in his complaint that, "some anti-social elements forcibly entered the school and started creating ruckus demanding closure of the prayer." More than 500 students study in the school, in which about 150 students belong to the Muslim community. There are 16 teachers placed in the school. Mahesh Bhai Solanki, one of the teachers of the school, told that, "Every day the students pray for 20 minutes with chanting of mantras, there are other activities including quiz etc. The crowd came at the time of prayer and started misbehaving with the teachers. They Demanded to stop the prayer, which scared the students."

Let us tell you that the headmaster of the school has given a written complaint about this incident to the primary education officer. According to the written complaint given by the school, the residents living in the area do not like the prayer that is held every morning. These people create trouble in the school and demand to stop the prayer.

There have been attempts to stop prayer before:
Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Muslims have tried to forcibly stop prayer in a school. Earlier in 2017, Haji Asarbeg Mirza, a Muslim leader from Maktampura, had written to CBSE complaining that Muslim students in the school were forced to recite Gayatri Mantra during prayers. Apart from this, he had claimed that Muslim festivals like Eid were not celebrated in the school. However, these allegations were denied by the school at that time and said that Muslim students were free to abstain from prayer.