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Kangana reacted to the film Pathan, told that the name of the film should have been Indian Pathan
Section 144 imposed, many students in custody..... read full report
Inflammatory slogans like 'head separated from body' raised in Madhya Pradesh, reasons to be known
Muslim community entered the priest's house and beat him up for loudspeaker, FIR on 9
Loss of more than Rs 1.44 lakh crore to Gautam Adani
Bahubali Anand Mohan Singh's dream of release shattered again, what do the rules say
Dead child got justice after 12 years in poor law and order
Muslim community tries to forcibly stop prayer at school
Why is there no number plate on the President's car?
Pithadhishwar Acharya Dhirendra Krishna Shastri got clean chit
Sex party held in church, priest commits suicide
Kangana Ranaut's return, netizens said that now the anti-nationals of the country are not well
Power failure in JNU, stone-pelting, controversy over BBC documentary
Congress and Islamic organizations came together on BBC's anti-national documentary
White rulers still own them, Law Minister's statement on BBC documentary
Non-Muslim shops removed from temples, VHP cites cooker blast as reason
Air hostess touched inappropriately in Spice Jet flight
Digvijay Singh again raised the question on the army, pushed the journalist
Judges do not have to face elections, why did Kiren Rijiju say this?
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