Hello friends and welcome to your own news source BharatIdea. This question must be arising in your mind, on which topics BharatIdea gives news, and why. So let us know the basic principles of India Idea and the reasons behind making it.

Why we need to make BharatIdea:
Friends, if we see with time, our nation has withstood the invasion of Akranto. Even after so many years we have not contemplated and today it is time that we are adopting western culture from our culture. According to the research of BharatIdea, only 10% of all such people live in India. Which is meant by the culture and politics of our country and the rest believe that the country has been running for years and will continue to move forward. Those people who think that India has been going on for years and will keep going even further, then I would like to say a few lines for them:

We asked polticians what will happen to this country, he said that the country is going on with years and will continue to move forward,
Tomorrow you will have to find out where the country is and they will say keep searching, the country in our pocket, is the country big than our pocket.

BharatIdea is the result of an anger and revolt caused by these reasons. BharatIdea has only one desire and desire that the youth of this country should work for the bright future of their country and not for their own selfishness. Will be able to work for the benefit of his country on condition when he has an understanding of the culture and politics of his country, otherwise the leaders will continue to fool the youth by nosing the culture of this country and fighting each other. Harrowing which is not the country's future, he said. BharatIdea will help you in enhancing your political and culture understanding through your articles so that you can make an important contribution to the bright future of the country.

What is the goal of BharatIdea
BharatIdea has only and only one goal: A IDEA TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY VISHWA GURU

What types of news are published in India Idea.

  • BharatIdea will give you all kinds of news like:
  • News related to politics.
  • Telling the truth of false news.
  • History related news.
  • Discussion about biographies of legends.
  • News related to the army.
  • Sports related news.
  • Science related news.
  • Amazing news related to amazing facts.
  • International news.
  • News related to organization
  • Giving information about ground level news.

What you can learn from the news of BharatIdea:
As you have read above, BharatIdea is a source of news where you can strengthen your information. Those who are unable to strengthen their culture in the absence of time or political understanding, they can overcome these weaknesses on BharatIdea and get to know and understand their country fully and can speak in the society in a holistic manner. I also know the culture of our country, politics and you can also participate in social discussions by increasing.

What is BharatIdea's future strategy:
If we talk about the future strategy of BharatIdea, then it is as follows: -

  • To spread all kinds of news to maximum people.
  • Distribution of Pocket Mahabharata.
  • Distribution of pocket Ramayana.
  • Distribution of Pocket Economics.
  • Generate employment.
  • Working for backward and poor people.
  • Work at the grassroots level for a clean India.
  • Flaunting the culture of India.
  • Expose false news.
  • Contribute to making India a world guru.