Bihar has now a bad news for people eating pan spices. After the prohibition, betel spices have been completely banned in the state, which will be applicable from today itself. Currently this ban was imposed for 12 months. The Bihar government has said that according to the Indian constitution, the state government is prohibiting the consumption of substances harmful to health to its people to raise their nutritional level and standard of living and to improve public health. Can do

In the light of the directive given at the high-level meeting convened at the Chief Secretary's meeting on 05 July 2019, the Food Format Commissioner has banned the pan masala of various brands of the state. This restriction was imposed due to the finding of a quantity of magnesium carbonate in the test of pan spices obtained from different districts. It is to be noted that magnesium carbonate causes a variety of problems, including cardiovascular diseases. According to the standard given in the Food Safety Act 2006 for pan spices, the addition of magnesium carbonate is prohibited. Therefore, keeping in mind the public health, this ban is currently imposed for one year. Sample of some other products has been sent for examination, which will be done on the report as well. In this way, Bihar has become the second state in the country to ban pan spices.

Pan spices of these companies have been banned in Bihar

Rajnigandha Paan Masala, Rajinivas Paan Masala, Supreme Paan Parag Masala, Paan Parag, Bahar Paan Masala, Bahubali Paan Masala, Rajinivas Flavor Paan Masala, Rajshree Paan Masala, Raunak Paan Masala, Signature Finest Paan Masala, Paan Paagan Paan Pargan Paar Paran Pargana Pan masala masala, Kamala choice pan masala, Madhu pan masala, Bahubali pan masala have been banned.