Is the script of the fall of the Congress government being written once again in the park of the Scindia royal house in MP, just as the then Rajmata and Congress leader Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia shook the land of DP Mishra in the politics of the country Stood up. There was a stir. And the political history of the first constitutional government was formed in the country.

According to media reports, in 2019, Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia's great-grandson and Congress general secretary Jyotiraditya Scindia may resent the Congress's Kamal Nath government, angry over not making the state Congress president. He has also allegedly given an ultimatum to the party, claimed in these reports has gone. It is being said that Scindia can join the BJP with 30 Congress MLAs, though he denied reports in jain that he was going to join BJP two days ago. But in these two days Details have changed rapidly in Madhya Pradesh Congress politics, State in-charge Babaria gave a statement of decision on PCC Chief this month and Chief Minister Kamal Nath will also make a statement for Delhi tomorrow Not to be the chief of this tour is going to be connected with the nomination of the new president. Earlier, Deepak Babariya had given a detailed opinion to the leaders of the state and submitted his report to the high command.

But the matter is not so full, the original story is that MP CM Kamal Nath and X CM Digvijay Singh do not want Scindia to be given the command of PCC, mutual understanding and consensus on this one issue is sparked because Scindia To become PCC Chief simply means establishing a third power center in Madhya Pradesh after CM, Digiraja. Ticks Kamalan on the majority of Jugaad already This will be nothing short of a choice for the government. That is why, two days ago, suddenly Digvijay Singh got active saying that in relation to the meeting of Digvijay Singh of Bhopal CM - meeting of Ajay Singh, son of former CM Arjun Singh with his Shinde dozen senior MLAs. Nephew Kimtad Ajay. The inclusion of Singh in the PCC chief race is basically a shared doubling of Kamal Nath and Indiraja.

Chief Minister has already opened the card of the tribal president in the state and has named the name of Home Minister Bal Bachchan. He is under wide siege in MP Congress to stop Scindia. This news has been done since Article 370 was removed in Kashmir It is viral on social and print media that Scindia is going to go to BJP, a meeting with his BJP president Amit Shah is also being claimed in these reports. After about 20 days, Scindia denied it in Ujjain but very truthfully. Now the question is, is Scindia really in a position to bring the Kamal Nath government to the ground in MP? What is the status of the 30 MLAs who are being claimed? Not so. Scindia has the highest number of MLAs in Gwalior Chambal where the total number of seats is 34, out of which 25 are Congress MLAs but it is not the case that all these MLAs are S. Be loyal to Lohia. 9 out of 25 MLAs come from Digvijay Singh Kota and they have a direct confrontation with Scindia Lahar MLA Dr. Govind Singh, KP Singh Pichor, Jayawardhan Singh Radhaugarh, Laxman Singh Chachowda, Gopal Singh Chanderi, Ghanshyam Singh Senvdha, Jandel Singh Shodhopur Gwalior South, Adal Singh Sumavali are names that are declared disciples of Akshgiraja apart from Bhandar on Defense Santram There is no mark of anyone. Lakhan Singh from Bhitarwar, Suresh Dhakad from Pohri, Jaswant Jatav from Karaira are considered to be in touch and extreme influence of the president of APEX Bank and anti-Ghur Scindia Ashok Singh. Scindia, 13 of the 25 Congress MLAs of the zone for independence, is not a supporter.

Apart from these, the MLAs who have been elected have mostly come first and due to the performance of the government, their condition has become very thin in their areas. Talking outside the area, Sanjay Indore to Tulsi Silavat, Sudarshan Sagar to Govind Rajput, Prabhuram Chaudhary from Wadhwar Dhar to Rajyavardhan Dattigaon Sanchi.