main point :-
  • Protests started in CA against CAA in Chennai
  • Was anti-CAA protest in Washermanpet
  • Police charged sticks
  • Police lathi charge on protesters near Mint Metro station in Chennai
  • Case not calm but clash between police and protesters
  • Police detained 100 people who were later released
  • 4 policemen also injured due to stone pelting by protesters
  • The Supreme Court has sent a notice to the Center seeking a reply on the CAA on a petition
  • This petition was filed by Ulema-e-Hind

CAA protest also started in Chennai: -
Protests are taking place in many places in the country on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Civil Register (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR). At the same time, the Chennai police have lathi-charged the protesters who were demonstrating in Washermanpet. Police took action in view of the large number of people protesting near Mint Metro Station in Chennai. The police also detained the protesters but were later released.

Thousands of people had gathered against the CAA, NRC and NPR in Washermanpet area. The case erupted when the police forcibly removed some people from the protestors. After this, the protesters and the police clashed. Police had to be lathi-charged to evacuate people here. However, people did not leave despite this. Police later detained several people who were later released.

Clashes between police and protesters: -
On the other hand, the Chennai police say that four policemen have joined the protesters. These include a female deputy commissioner, two female officers and a sub-inspector. It is said that policemen have been injured in stone pelting by protesters. On the other hand, the protesters also say that some people have also been injured from their camp. The police detained some protesters as the uproar erupted. People started shouting slogans for his release. Later the situation came under control.

Supreme Court asked Center to answer: -
The Supreme Court has sent a notice to the Central Government seeking a reply on a petition questioning the constitutional validity of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and the National Citizenship Register (NRC). The petition has been filed by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, the Islamic organization of Deobandi ideology. The Supreme Court has attached more matters related to this petition as well. In fact, over a hundred petitions are filed in the Supreme Court in protest and support of the CAA.

Protests are still going on in different parts of the country: -
Protests on the Citizenship Amendment Act are still going on in many parts of the country. Through this law, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Zoroastrian minorities will be granted citizenship in the Islamic neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the basis of religion, but only those applications for citizenship of India will be accepted. Has arrived in India till December 2014.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had issued a notice to the Central Government on February 7 on a petition challenging the Assam Accord effectively and the constitutional validity of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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