Friends, today we will talk about Ranu Mandal, who is getting fame at every step, where Himesh gave him a chance to sing, while Salman has gifted him a plush flat, so let's know about this whole news.

Such reports are becoming viral on social media that Salman Khan has bought a house of 55 lakhs to Ranu Mandal. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Ranu sang the song 'Ek Pyar Ka Nagma' at the station. Whose video went viral. At the same time, a video and news came out that Himesh has proposed to sing them. The truth of the news that has gone viral on Salman and Ranu Mandal has not yet been revealed on social media. Despite this, there is a buzz that Salman has gifted Ranu Mandal a house of 55 lakhs. Not only this, in Dabangg 3, Salman is going to give Ranu a chance to sing.

However, there is no information about the opportunity to sing in Dabangg 3 and the plush of 55 lakhs so far. But if this happens, it can prove to be the best opportunity for Ranu's life. Salman is called the father of the industry. In such a situation, this news may soon prove to be true. You will also be shocked to know the amount that Himesh has given to Ranu for your Meri Kahaani Song. It is reported that Ranu has been paid a fee of 6 to 7 lakhs for his next film Happy Hordin and Heer Song.

Despite receiving such a fee, it is reported that Ranu Mandal has refused to take these millions of rupees. According to the report, this money has been raised above the fees of Himesh to Ranu and said that nothing can stop you from becoming a superstar. Let us know that due to this capable move of Himesh, many people are offering songs to Ranu. Ranu wants to try to improve her life through work. Ranu has spent his life on the railway platform.