We see every day that sometimes someone forcibly recites Nawaz in the plane, sometimes two passengers crowd together, sometimes someone misbehaves with the crew member, just a few days back a boy had reported a false bomb in the plane. Gave it only because his friend wanted to spend time with his girlfriend at the airport. Amidst various incidents, once again the incident of two passengers being offloaded from the flight and handed over to the security personnel after an uproar in the flight of Spice Jet going from Delhi to Hyderabad has come to the notice.

A video related to this incident has also surfaced:
In a statement issued on behalf of the airlines, it has been told that, "The passenger misbehaved and misbehaved with the air hostess. He also created a ruckus in the plane without any reason .... after which the passenger and his co-passenger were removed from the aircraft." Was taken down Let us tell you that a video related to this incident has also surfaced, which is going viral on social media very fast.

In this video, a passenger is seen arguing with the air hostess and other passengers, it is being claimed that after misbehaving with the woman, the man was also misbehaving with other air hostesses and passengers, after which the passenger Due to his behaviour, he was taken off the plane.

This incident happened during boarding in Delhi:
In a statement issued by SpiceJet regarding the incident, it has been said, "During boarding in Delhi, a passenger misbehaved with a female air hostess and touched and harassed her inappropriately. Female cabin crew The passenger informed the security personnel about the incident.Though the passenger has clarified that the incident was due to lack of space, the passenger was de-boarded along with his companion.

Misbehavior has happened with the air hostess in the past as well:
It is not that this is the first case of misbehavior with the air hostess and crew member in the aircraft, earlier on 9 January 2023, two drunken youths misbehaved with the air hostess in an aircraft going from Delhi to Patna, after which both The youths were arrested at Patna airport.