A fair was organized in the Panchalingeshwara temple in Karnataka from January 14 to January 22 in Vitthal town, in which the case of removal of Muslim shops has come to the fore. For your information, let us tell you that in this fair, first of all Vishwa Hindu Parishad had launched the campaign of Boycott of Muslim shops. A message related to this fair was going viral in many WhatsApp groups, in which it was said that a ban was being asked on non-Hindu traders not to set up shops.

The Muslim man had set up his shop which was later vacated:
Amidst all this, a Muslim man had set up his shop in this fair, which was later vacated. For your information, let us tell you that by issuing a poster on behalf of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Muslim shopkeepers were asked not to set up stalls during the fair. In the poster, referring to an incident of cooker blast in November 2022, it was written that the target of the attackers was Kadri Manjunath Temple, so this time no non-Hindu or person opposing idol worship should do business during the fair near the place of worship. Will be able

It was further written in this poster that only traders who follow the customs of Hinduism will be allowed to do business in the fair, however, later the police removed these posters and the things written on the poster were also changed by the temple administration. was rejected.

The advances of two Muslim shopkeepers were returned :
According to a Times of India report, Ganesh Shinoye, who floated tenders for shops in the fair, had returned the advances of two Muslim shopkeepers and the reason behind this was the campaign run by Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

For your information, we will tell you that shops are set up in a radius of about 1 km in this fair held in the Panchlingeshwar temple. Every year Hindus as well as Muslims do their business here, but for the past few times the hijab controversy in Karnataka and the country In view of the incidents taking place on the basis of religion, Hindu organizations had launched this boycott campaign