1. prashant kishore challenged nitish kumar on development claims
  2. Prashant Kishore wants to be king maker in Bihar elections.
  3. He was associated with the modi team in 2011
  4. Prashant has also worked in Kishore Health Profession
  5. Prashant Kishore met Modi with the help of a businessman through the publication of the paper
  6. Have worked for BJP in 2012 Gujarat elections
  7. He played an important role in the Prachanda Jit of 2014 BJP
  8. Kishore wanted entry into PMO
  9. Prashant Kishore is opportunistic: BJP leader

Prashant Kishore gave a challenge to Nitish on the issue of development:
Electoral strategist Prashant Kishore (Prashant Kishore) recently challenged the Bihar government and the chief Nitish Kumar in a press conference. He also rejected the claims of the state government and the development being done by him. Kishore, who gave a different opinion on CAA from Janata Dal United, was expelled from the party in January this year. Since then, he is in search of a new political house. It is believed that in this year's Bihar Election 2020, he wants to form an alliance against Nitish and the BJP. In this episode, he has also met many leaders.

Kishore wanted entry into PMO
Born in Bihar, Kishore completed his studies in UP. Kishor, who got an entry in Team Modi in 2011, has worked in the African country of Chad as a health professional for the United Nations. The then Chief Minister of Gujarat (Gujarat) Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) caught sight of him when he published a paper on the issue of malnutrition in Gujarat. In 2011, Modi met Kishore and in the 2012 Gujarat elections, Kishore worked and then became close to Modi.In 2014, when BJP nominated Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, then Kishore came to Delhi with his team and took over the task of creating a war room for the BJP. According to the report published in the English newspaper The Sunday Indian Express, after Narendra Modi's victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Kishore wanted him to get an entry in the Prime Minister's Office.

BJP leader told Prashant Kishore opportunistic:
The report claimed that insiders of Kishore's company I-PAC stated that he (Kishore) was a supporter of the lateral entry in the government. He was the one who gave the idea to the Prime Minister. Quoting sources, the report claimed that PK along with his team wanted to lead a team in the PMO, but this could not happen. It has been claimed that the Prime Minister himself had shown interest in the scheme. A senior leader of the Gujarat unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party called Kishore ambitious and even opportunistic. BJP leader told - In 2011, a real state businessman had made Kishore meet with Narendra Modi, then he was not aware that Kishore's ambition is to get ahead in politics. Kishore meets people for a long time as an election strategist and a man who runs a company. He has no theory. He is just an opportunist.