1. Tej Pratap Yadav claims that he is the real Lalu of Bihar.
  2. The command of the party is still in the hands of Tejashwi Yadav.
  3. Tej Pratap said to Tejashwi Yadav, don't panic, you are also the real Lalu.
  4. Tejapratap spoke of shedding one strand of blood for Tejashwi.
  5. Tej Pratap also challenged his opponents and openly challenged them to arrest him.
  6. Tejapratap only spoke of fearing his father Lalu Yadav and Jagadananda Uncle.
  7. Why Jagadanand Babu raged on Tej Pratap's supporters.

Tejapratap Yadav claims that the real Lalu of Bihar is the same: -
In the absence of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, although the party is commanded by Tejashvi Yadav, the party may be considering Tejashwi as its future chief minister, but Tej Pratap Yadav claims that he is the real Lalu of Bihar. Tej Pratap surprised everyone by saying this at the RJD rally in Patna. Tejashwi himself was stunned for a moment, when Tejapratap looked at the younger brother and said, Arjun, don't panic. You are also the real Lalu. I am not making fun of you, for you we will shed every bit of blood.

Tej Pratap appeared in full form at RJD rally: -
Tej Pratap appeared in full form at the RJD rally. Tejapratap Yadav first challenged his opponents. He said, 'Those who are preparing to send our Arjun and me to jail, if they are Mai's lal then show us both brothers arrested. We will climb the chariot on the injury of Danke and will also become the charioteer of Tejaswi's chariot. After this, Tejapratap told which two people he was afraid of. Tejapratap is very afraid of his father Lalu Yadav and respects him a lot. After that, Tej Pratap is very scared of his Jagadananda uncle's discipline.

Jagdanand Singh filled up the workers of Tej Pratap: -
Ever since the command of RJD has come in the hands of Jagdanand Singh, he has been engaged in disciplining the party. To some extent Jagadanand Singh has also brought discipline in the party, but in RJD's rally, the supporters of Tejaswi ripped off the party's discipline. Then Jagdanand Singh, who provoked, gave the party's supporters here, Till said that if you break discipline in this way, then they will have to stop the gathering. Jagdanand Babu heard the RJD supporters shouting slogans near the stage. On this, Tej Pratap Yadav was also infuriated and got angry with Jagadanand for calling some of his supporters on the stage. Ultimately Jagadanand Singh had to bow down to Lalu's Lal.