Madhya Pradesh: A 12th class Sikh student, was allegedly asked to take off his turban before entering the board examination center in Dhar. The education department official says, "There are strict scrutiny instructions. If the intention was to hurt the sentiment, then appropriate action would be taken".

In Dhamnad, there has been a case of the turban being removed for a student who has given class XII paper. After the matter came to the notice of the BEO, 3 teachers including Kendra President have been removed. The student says that if he went to give the exam, the teacher suddenly said - Turban will have to be removed. Checking was done after taking off the turban. I did not like it. The Sikh society registered an objection in the case and demanded action against the culprits.
According to the information, Harpal's father Kartar Singh is a resident of class XII in Dudhi Saraswati School. On Monday, there was a Hindi paper in Kanya Higher Secondary School. Arrived to test at 8.45 am. Kendra President Sudha Jain, Assistant Center Head MD Verma, teacher Mamta Chaurasia, stopped Harpal at the gate and opened the turban in the name of checking. The student said- this is wrong. On this the teacher said - These are the rules of governance. The turban will be examined openly. After this, the student opened the turban and gave it. The teacher examined the turban and then let the student into the examination hall.
BIO Nita Srivastava reported that such a complaint was received at the Dhamnod center. I personally spoke to the three teachers and also apprised the authorities in this regard. Initially teachers' disturbances were revealed. On this, orders have been given to remove all three teachers. Tomorrow I will go to the center myself, I will also talk to other staff. Apology letters will be written to the guilty teachers and strict action will be taken on whoever is guilty in the investigation. Here, DIO Manglesh Vyas said - something like this has happened. I am not aware. You have brought the matter to notice, let me investigate it.
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