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We are an unprecedented mixture of politics and history. We want to keep the tradition of historical reasoning of our religion intact. We can be from diverse fields, businesses, ideas and ideas, but Our aim to protect, promote and thank our culture. Our passion and enthusiasm keeps us united. We are reflections of your thoughts, we are the voice of your expression, we invite you, on our platform 'BharatIdea', to deliver your voice to the whole world.

The speed with which this disease is spreading in china and all over the world will make us think.

The month of March was very bad for the world, because in 27 days of March, Corona cases increased by 573% worldwide. But at the same time, only 1.7% of new cases came in China. As of March, there were 88 thousand 585 cases worldwide and 80 thousand 26 cases in China. In this way, at that time, the share of China in the total cases of the world was up to 90%, but by the 27th, Corona had 5.96 lakh cases in the world and 81 thousand 394 cases in China. Now the share of China in total cases has come down from 15%. Reduced.
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