A case of forced marriage is coming out from Uttar Pradesh, it is being told that a muslim man named Kadir Ansari was threatening and blackmailing for marriage for a long time. It is being told that on refusing to marry by Hindu girl, Kadir Ansari first abducted the girl, then filled vermilion in her demand in a state of unconsciousness. Police has registered an FIR on this incident on Saturday and now its investigation has started.

Qadir was following the girl for 6 months:
This incident is of Ranighat village of Kotwali Nagar area of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. The girl has told in her complaint that the accused is her neighbor and has been following her for about 6 months. Qadir was constantly pressurizing the girl to marry and when the girl refused, Qadir was also blackmailing the girl by threatening to defame her. The girl has told that fearing defamation, she kept on silently tolerating everything, which only increased Kadir's heart.

Meanwhile, the girl's family members fixed her marriage tilak on 27 January and the date of marriage on 1 February. When Kadir came to know about this, he became enraged and tried to break the marriage of the girl. The girl says, "One day when she was going somewhere, Qadir forcibly made her unconscious on the way. In a state of unconsciousness, Qadir filled vermilion in his head and later made a video of it as well. Since according to the girl she was unconscious at that time, Qadir could not resist this shameful incident.

Case registered under IPC sections 328, 354, 506 and 509:
Later, Qadir started threatening to make the video and photo of the girl applying vermilion viral and was constantly pressurizing the girl to break the marriage. When the girl did not listen to him, Qadir made the vermilion's video viral. It is being told that Qadir was also threatening to kill the victim for not marrying her. The victim girl has described Kadir as a criminal in her complaint. On the complaint of the girl, the police have registered a case against Kadir Ansari under sections 328, 354, 506 and 509 of IPC, the search for Kadir is also going on.