As you all know, BBC has made a documentary on Gujarat Riots on Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, in which most of the parts are false or not based on facts. Controversy has been going on for the last few days on this propaganda documentary, now famous film director Shekhar Kapur and Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi have also expressed their displeasure in this episode.

BBC's journalism is gutter journalism: Kabir Bedi
Questioning the credibility of BBC, Bollywood's famous actor Kabir Bedi tweeted that, "BBC documentary throws light on a fundamental fact that during the Congress rule, a special investigation team appointed by the Supreme Court exonerated PM Modi in this case." The 2002 British investigation has as much credibility as the WMD in Iraq."

Prior to this, Kabir Bedi claimed via Twitter on 20 January 2023, calling the BBC documentary a biased documentary, "Is there religious unrest in Modi's India? This question is decades old and these allegations have been rejected by the court a long time ago." Kabir Bedi called BBC's journalism as gutter journalism and said that everyone has become blind in the name of running sensational news.

No one can stop India from becoming a superpower: Shekhar Kapur
Film director Shekhar Kapur also agreed on Kabir Bedi's tweet and tagged Kabir Bedi in his response on Twitter, writing, "You are right Kabir, I am constantly watching attempts to destabilize India... Looks like nothing can stop India from becoming a superpower now."

Let us tell you that even before this, on January 22, 2023, Shekhar Kapur, while targeting the BBC's propaganda documentary, wrote, "I wonder whether the BBC ever had the courage to tell the truth about Britain's most respected man, Winston Churchill." ?Which was largely responsible for the Bengal famine, which caused millions of people to die of starvation. He is the first person to drop chemical bombs on the people of those tribal societies."

All links related to the documentary are being removed from YouTube and other social media sites:
Let us tell you that after the government's order on the controversial BBC documentary, all the documentary related links are being removed from Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites. According to a report, it is being told that, "More than 50 tweets containing links to YouTube videos have also been blocked on Twitter." The government has taken this decision using emergency powers under IT Rules 2021.