It has been more than 20 years since the Gujarat riots of 2002, but even today the leftist media and people of radical Islamic ideology consider Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for this incident. While the Prime Minister has got a clean chit in this matter. For your information, let us tell you that BBC made a documentary on the Prime Minister regarding these riots, in which an attempt has been made to prove Prime Minister Narendra Modi guilty by not showing factual things.

Trying to prove the Prime Minister guilty:
Pakistan-origin British MP Imran Hussain took up the issue of Gujarat riots on the basis of this documentary and tried to prove the Prime Minister guilty.... But UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, based on the characterization of the Indian counterpart of this documentary made by BBC did not agree. That is, clearly Sunak called this documentary baseless.

MP Imran Hussain said in the British Parliament that, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi is directly responsible for the Gujarat riots. Noting that hundreds of people were brutally killed and families here, including in the UK, in India and around the world are still waiting for justice." Justice is denied to him. Does the British Prime Minister agree with his diplomats at the Foreign Office that Modi was directly responsible for the incident and whether the Foreign Office is aware of his involvement in ethnic cleansing".

Britain PM Sunak told the documentary baseless:
Responding to MP Imran Hussain, Rishi Sunak stated clearly that, "The long-standing position of the Government of the United Kingdom is clear and has not changed. Certainly we will not tolerate harassment of any kind, Wherever it may be. But I do not agree at all with the characterization... which has been put forward about the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

All round criticism of BBC :
Let us tell you that Lord Rami Ranger, a member of Britain's House of Lords, targeted the BBC documentary through a tweet on Wednesday, January 18. Lord Rami Ranger wrote in his tweet that, "BBC News, you have hurt the sentiments of crores of people of India and insulted the democratically elected Prime Minister of India as well as Indian Police and Indian Judiciary. We condemn the riots and the loss of lives, but also condemn your biased reporting."

For your information, let us tell you that the Ministry of External Affairs of India has also reacted to this documentary... The Ministry of External Affairs strongly condemned the BBC and said," We feel that this documentary is part of a propaganda. Its There is no veracity. This biased series has not been screened in India."