For the past few years, we are seeing that the cases of love jihad are continuously coming to the fore, perhaps the reason for this is the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is not suppressing the cases, but is getting the culprits punished. In this episode, once again an incident of love jihad has come to the fore from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Let us tell you that a Muslim youth, whose name is being told as Sadan Khan, used to trap Hindu girls in his love trap through social media, used to make obscene videos and blackmail these girls.

Information received by Bajrang Dal workers:
It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Bajrang Dal workers got information about the accused youth, after which Bajrang Dal workers thrashed the accused and handed him over to the police. This incident is being reported from Bhavarkuan area of Indore.

Giving a statement on the incident, the Bhanwarkuwa police said, "The name of the accused's father is Sadiq Khan and he is a resident of Pune. A case has been registered against the accused in this incident under restrictive sections". Let us tell you that Sadan Khan's photo with many girls is going viral on social media, the same Bajrang Dal claims that Sadan Khan changed his name and used to befriend only Hindu girls... after that he used to trap them in his love trap. . On the other hand, if we talk about Sadan Khan's phone, apart from Indore's girl, obscene photos of many other girls have also been found in his phone.

According to the media report, Sadan Khan befriended a Hindu girl from Bhanwarkuwa, Indore by calling himself Abhinav, then trapped her in the trap of his love..... Later started blackmailing the girl by making obscene videos. Sadan Khan is also facing allegations of physical abuse.

Sadan Khan had come from Pune to Indore's Bhavarkuan area to meet a college student, after which an auto rickshaw driver suspected Sadan Khan... After that the auto driver informed Bajrang Dal workers about Sadan Khan. After this Bajrang Dal workers caught Sadan Khan and asked him his name and ID. At first, Sadan Khan kept misleading the Bajrang Dal workers by calling himself a Hindu again and again, but after some beating, he revealed his name as Sadan Khan and father's name as Shadak Khan.

The student also did not know about Sadan Khan being a Muslim:
According to the report, it is now being told that the student also did not know about Sadan Khan being a Muslim. The student has told in her statement that, "Sadan Khan used to talk on the phone only after becoming a Hindu". According to the same police, the student is a resident of Khudai area. The girl and her family have refused to register any case. On the other hand, if we talk about the accused Sadan Khan, then he has confessed that he used to meet Hindu girls by changing his name, after which the police has started identifying the girls.