The incident of a sex party has come to light from a church in the UK capital London, after which the Pope has ordered an inquiry. Let us tell you that this sex party was organized by Pastor Michael McCoy during the lockdown in Corona. The priest who has been accused of sex party committed suicide in 2021. The investigation into the matter has been entrusted to the Archbishop of Liverpool. According to media reports, it is being told that the sex party in the church has been revealed during the investigation into the resignation of former pastor Robert Byrne.

There was no previous complaint in the matter :
It is being told that during the coronavirus pandemic, the church was lying vacant, taking advantage of this, McCoy had organized this party. In December 2020, McCoy allegedly prepared some Christians for this party in his house built inside the church. The interesting thing is that there were no complaints in this case before, but after the disclosure of the case, a large number of people are coming forward to testify against McCoy.

There was also an allegation of child sexual abuse:
It is difficult to believe these allegations, but these allegations seem to be true to a large extent because McCoy was also accused of sexually abusing children, after these allegations, when the police started investigating against McCoy, only 4 of his McCoy committed suicide days later. For your information, let us tell you that the officers probing the case have not found any kind of evidence yet.

Librandu society silent on this incident:
While on one hand the people of Librandu community in our country only raise questions on Hindu religion, Goddesses, Gods and Sanyasis..... they are silent on this incident. This so-called secular Librandu society will not speak anything on this matter because they have taken the contract to speak only against Hindutva. Just a few months ago, the incident of rape of a nun by a priest in a church in Kerala also came to the fore, which was opposed by neither the media nor any leader of the opposition.