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The ISIS, which is fighting its existence, is now struggling to protect itself from the corona virus epidemic. Although no corona patient has yet been confirmed in Syria, but even after the death of Baghdadi, the weakened ISIS continues to fear corona. CoronaVirus has been declared a global pandemic Now, the dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) has also issued advisory. ISIS has issued several instructions for the terrorists, the terrorists have been told to stay away from the sick people, wash their hands before eating food, do not go to the infected areas. However, this instruction also says that believe in Allah and Go to his shelter, the terrorists have been told that diseases do not happen by themselves, it happens by the will and command of Allah. The number of people suffering from Corona virus has increased to 1 lakh 51 thousand 760 worldwide, this deadly virus has spread in 137 countries so far and 5764 people have died in its grip, 3189 people from this disease in China. Has died

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