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The number of patients suffering from Corona virus in India has crossed 100 and two people have also died due to this virus. The virus originated in Wuhan, China and has now spread worldwide. The Government of India has taken several decisions to prevent infection. Meanwhile, the government has also set rules for testing when and who can get corona virus tested. Let us know- Under the government-made rules, if you have returned from a country affected by the corona virus, then you have to remain isolated at home for 14 days. You will be tested only if you see symptoms. In another situation, if you have come in contact with someone in whom the virus has been confirmed, then you have to remain isolated at home for 14 days. Your test will be done only if you see symptoms within 14 days. If you have symptoms of cold-fever and you are not in any of the above conditions, then even after going to hospital, your corona virus test will not be done.

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