So far, more than 80 patients (80 patients) have been found in India with the corona virus. The level at which corona virus is spread in India is the second stage of this disease (second stage of this disease). If India is not able to stop this disease in the next 30 days, then it will reach the third stage. It has been revealed by Balaram Bhargava, a big doctor and scientist of the country (Balaram Bhargava, a big doctor and scientist of the country).

What is 2nd & 3rd Stage Corona:
The second stage corona virus means that corona virus has been found only in those people who have come from a corona infected country (corona infected country). That is, this disease has not spread from one person to another at the local level. At the third stage, this disease will spread from infected people inside India to other people here (infected people inside India to other people).

Dr. Balaram Bhargava (Dr. Balaram Bhargava) told that it is the effort of the government to stop this disease at another stage. Or to increase the time of arrival of the third stage a little more. The Government of India has still 30 days left to fight and stop the third stage (30 days left). Balaram Bhargava said that the disease is not yet spreading in India as a community. If this happens then there will be problem. This is the time that the whole country and all the people come together and fight this disease.