A leader and former MP in Bihar is waiting for his release for the last 14 years, the name of that leader is Anand Mohan Singh. Let us tell you that Anand Mohan Singh was about to leave on January 26 but nothing like this happened. If you remember, after the gesture of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on January 23, it was believed that Anand Mohan Singh would come out of jail on parihar on January 26, after which Anand Mohan Singh's supporters and his family were eagerly waiting for Anand Mohan Singh. were waiting for But Anand Mohan Singh's dream of release was shattered again due to non-completion of paperwork.

Why not released even after serving 14 years sentence:
Dainik Bhaskar will tell you where the decision to release Anand Mohan Singh after serving his 14-year sentence is pending. Stuck. If the government wants, it can be done very easily, because a decision has been given on this matter by the High Court long ago.

Anand Mohan Singh can come out of jail on the policy of avoidance. What is remission?... For your information, let us tell you that this policy was first made in 1984, according to which after serving 14 years of sentence, the prisoner is considered to have served 20 years of sentence on the basis of remission. Because of this, if the jail wants, it can release the prisoner from its side.

Amended and added two clauses :
But in 2002 this policy was amended and two clauses were added, in which, on the basis of the first clause, a Remission Board was formed in place of the Jailor to release the prisoners on parole and that the same Remission Board has the right to decide whether the prisoner should be released. Whether to be released after serving 14 years sentence. This board consists of Home Secretary, District Judge, Jail IG, Home Secretary, Law Secretary along with police representative, who together decide to release the prisoner.

According to the second clause, in this provision, a rule has been made not to leave 5 types of prisoners. These are the prisoners who are guilty of more than 1 murder, dacoity, rape, terrorist conspiracy and murder of a government official, only and only the government can decide to release them.

What does the rule say for the release of Anand Mohan Singh:
Let us tell you that Anand Mohan is in jail for the last 14 years on the charges of killing a government official. In such a situation, what rule says that Anand Mohan Singh should be exempted, let us tell you that in 2002, the rules of remission had definitely been amended, but due to its poor government system, the remission board could not be formed till 2007, after which the High Court Or an order was issued that the circular of 2002 would not be implemented till 2007. Anand Mohan Singh was punished in 2007, on the basis of this the demand for the release of Anand Mohan Singh is being made.